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my home IS internet ready!!

yup, my home is actually internet ready. just a matter of plugging your cable to the ever existing LAN jacks (1 under the stairway, 2 in the master bedroom and another one in my sis’ room). and the setting up time? close to half an hour. and the set-up guy? my dear neighbour who happens to work at our home developer.

the search for broadband started when, after relying on only one laptop that connected to the net on EDGE (better than dial-up, but still can’t satisfy those who wants to watch korean dramas on youtube and at the same time downloading the manga version. plus we better use up all the electricity by switching on those laptops and desktop simultaneously to connect to the net and watch those korean dramas.)

three weeks back, i drove up to the nearest tmpoint to apply for a land line and streamyx connection. the guy at the counter said i should wait about one week to get tm to come up to my place to see if they can fix a phone because during the landline application, my home area is not found. the guy said this must be a new place and nobody has ever applied for a landline. if i want to speed up the application, i should go and ask my neighbours for their home phone numbers and give to tm. and then they will contact me if anything happens. oooh ok, i thought. i’ll wait for a week then as tmpoint and my home is only 2 kilometres away. how long could those guys take to come to my place, right? moreover, i had conducted a random survey with my colleague who had the same experience as mine and her response was satisfying. she’s implying that those landline installiation will be done in a jiff.

prior to the streamyx application, i had conducted a thorough web research (that brought me to a lot of complaints posted on the net about streamyx) on dependable broadband services (obviously streamyx was not the first choice) that covers my area that doesn’t require me to deal with tm. so wireless seems the best option. and of all those wireless broadband service that exists in KL, only Jaring Flyte covers my area. the downside is, setting up will set me back close to one thousand ringgit. i was thinking of pulling a bit of my money and get daddy to fund the rest. maybe at 40/60. then i conducted my streamyx random survey with my dear better half to get his feedback, as they are using streamyx back in his hometown and they have yet to encounter any problems. he clearly advocated on using streamyx; the staff is good, attentive etc. very pro-streamyx. hehe. the thing is, his hometown is in kuantan, the largest and most thriving cities in the east coast, dubbed the KL of east coast. the population is of course lesser than KL, and streamyx users are lesser still. i don’t have a statistical proof, but i believe this is a valid argument. so that must be why there isn’t any connection problems with their streamyx. then, the juiciest part is, the guy who did all the installation was an ex-student of my better half’s mom. plus they get discounted rates, half what the market’s paying. so i guess in my better half case, he is not the right person to ask in my streamyx random survey. i shouldn’t listen to him and drove to tmpoint in the first place.

two weeks had passed and still nothing from tm about my landline application. one evening as i was taking a walk around the neighbourhood, i saw my neighbour tending to her flowers and i worked up my courage to go and ask her her home phone number. one thing led to another and she introduced me to our neighbour next her door cause she said that guy had helped her ditched streamyx (a clear sign she has a landline that tm mysteriously can’t locate in their high-tech system) and use the ever ready internet access in out home. so i talked to him a bit, he went my place, plug a few things, ping yahoo and wallah! welcome to the high speed internet on multimedia supercorridor highway. it turns out, our developer had thoughtfully laid several internet points in every homes and we are connected with LAN. so all of us will get a dedicated 100Mbps connection.

so now, we are happily watching those korean dramas and downloading the manga version at the same time plus downloading the theme song and searching for more korean dramas to watch. maybe we shouldn’t limit our viewing to korean dramas and start youtubing on anne of green gables.

oh, as for the streamyx application, i think i should frame it on the wall.


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i would like to apologise to shia labeouf for misspelling his name in the transformers movie post. i had wrongly mis-spelled  his name shea  lebouf.

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what will i do without you?

Hi All,We will have a meeting tomorrow at 10.00am to discuss some team issue.Best Regards,

it was like any meeting reminder email that we always get when our immediate superior, vyky wants to call for a meeting.  but little did we know that that meeting would not be like any meeting.

he started off with asking us for any updates. nope, the three of us said.

ok, he said. i’m going to update all of you with our current and future projects cos i’m resigning.

ha? i volunteered loudly.

i’m resigning, he said. and chuckled. surprised ha? then chuckled again.

i was shocked. i couldn’t believe what i had heard.

then he resumed with the updates, delegating tasks to his deputy. i looked at him, at the whiteboard, trying to follow the whole discussions but my mind kept thinking about him resigning. i couldn’t fathom it. i kept thinking that he’s leaving, now what? what will happen to all of us, the team?

all this time, these past 3 and a half years working here, i keep to my job just because of him. the environment here is not bad; i love the flexibility but the our welfare is not the priority of the management. but the one that keeps me working is him. since his promotion as our immediate superior, he takes care of all of us, backs us up, solves the team’s differences. i love mostly his patience and tolerance. he’s not very strict as long as you do your job right. i’ve never heard him angry, mixes very well with the team, cracks joke now and then. but all the while you respect him. he’s so nice that you don’t want to hurt him.

and now he’ll be gone. it’s agreed amongst the team that you can’t find another superior like him anywhere. 

we’ve seen people come and go here. but i’ve never feel this sad. like i told my other half, i feel lost like a child who loses his dad.

maybe we depend too much on him.

but still, it’s very sad.

i’ve always said to myself that if he resigns, i’ll follow suit. now’s the time to take action, start looking for a greener pasture. 

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fasting month – a reminder

the fasting month is fast approaching! 

according to my nifty countdown gadget in my igoogle (Google Personalized Homepage) page, it’s 1 month, 28 days before fasting month begins. here’s the screen shot of that nifty countdown gadget 😉

fasting month countdown gadget

(Puasa means fasting in Malay)

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Transformers the movie 2007


i went to watch the transformers movie with my other half. he was really excited about this movie, had been talking about it since we first time saw the trailer back in January (if i’m not mistaken). he had even downloaded every single trailer he could put his hands on.

as for me, i just expect a highly cgi-ed movie about some alien robot war. nothing more, nothing less. can safely say i went to the movies just to accompany him.

born in the early 80s, i had spent my childhood evening watching the cartoon series with my brothers. but that was it. just another cartoon to watch, like teenage mutant ninja turtles and inspector gadget. i don’t remember the plot, i don’t remember who’s who, who’s the bad guy (robot?) and so on. i do remember the nifty transformation from car (or jet or truck) to robot but that’s it. and the sound effect. so watching the movie version is kind of  a new revelation to me. it’s not like walking down the memory lane (which is true in my guy’s case), it’s more like watching for the first time.

and wow!

this transformers movie is cgi loaded. (how else would you make those robots? giant robot puppets?) all those robots are like they are really there, acting along shea lebouf and josh duhamel. the plot’s not bad either. there are a few comedy moments and i like the one in sam’s (shea lebouf) backyard, when he brings all those Autobots home and they are destroying sam’s mom’s garden. and those Autobots are sprawn all over the house, trying desperately to hide. oh, and there’s one time when sam ask them to hide, they just transform to trucks and cars. hihihi…

i understand that the movie gets a mixed review from critics but for me, it’s a good enough watch. check what the critics say of the movie at Rotten Tomatoes. One reviewer from New York Daily News sums it up nicely:

There is so much action packed into every second of Transformers that by the time it’s over, you may be tempted to go outside and give the box office another 10 bucks.

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a little lamb lost..

i felt lost last night. like there’s no point living my life. 

then my sister said:

“mengucap banyak-banyak, istighfar.”

i was stunned. of all the things in the world, i’ve forgotten the One. i’ve forgotten to remember Him. i’ve forgotten that if i’m lost, i can always go back to Him.

so i took a little silent time, said my prayers, trying my best to not to forget Him.

sometimes you don’t realise that you are lost until someone told you so.

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it’s july!

it’s official.

it’s the beginning of the second half of 2007.

where did all the time go? there you were celebrating New Year’s Eve and zoink! it’s july!! and it’s the end of the year before you know it.

last night, my sis reminded me of how old i am. i have, according to her, seven months to turn 28. and according to my calculation, it’s 985 days before the big three-oh! oh my! but age is just a number, someone nice told me (on the day he turned 30) so i guess it’s how you approach life, how you see yourself. me, i think i’m old outside but young inside. heheh..

talking about age and feeling old, it’s amazing that i was 17 ten years ago. i don’t really feel like the years adding up, but definitely i am more matured. and hope that i am a better person now 🙂

on lighter notes, here’s an update on July movies. i’ve been looking forward to watch The Simpsons Movies (opens on 26 July). Not forgetting Harry Porter and the Order of the Phoenix (11 July) and Transformers (actually opened last week, but will only watch it this weekend). Bordertown, starring Jennifer Lopez  and Antonio Banderas, also opens this month. I’m curious to see Jennifer Lopez after her flops (and post-Ben Affleck) but maybe i’ll just wait for it to turn up on HBO/Cinemax/Star Movies.

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