starting a new blog

i never thought that starting a new blog is not easy. first off, i have to decide where to blog. then after you have found the right place, you have to choose the name of your blog and boy oh boy i was in deep trouble. i’m bad at giving names! so, i thought hard for a few days and finally i got one while in the office surau. some place to get inspiration!

next is deciding the look and feel of your blog. turned out i was spoilt for choices. there are so many templates that i can choose from. but it wasn’t as hard as choosing the blog name. and if you were creative you can always create your own template, or at least create your own header. but i’m not creative enough and i haven’t created any headers lately so i’m just as happy to use the ones that wordpress has thoughtfully supplied.

ok, presentation-wise, i’m good to go.

then, my first writer’s block.

i haven’t written anything since Form 5 (the English composition, that is) so it’s quite a challenge to write something now. well, apart from my diary, which is littered with broken English and a rojak of Malay words. eh, wait, my diary..the last entry was on my birthday last year I think. have to go and check again. heheh..

end of first entry for my first blog.



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