it’s july!

it’s official.

it’s the beginning of the second half of 2007.

where did all the time go? there you were celebrating New Year’s Eve and zoink! it’s july!! and it’s the end of the year before you know it.

last night, my sis reminded me of how old i am. i have, according to her, seven months to turn 28. and according to my calculation, it’s 985 days before the big three-oh! oh my! but age is just a number, someone nice told me (on the day he turned 30) so i guess it’s how you approach life, how you see yourself. me, i think i’m old outside but young inside. heheh..

talking about age and feeling old, it’s amazing that i was 17 ten years ago. i don’t really feel like the years adding up, but definitely i am more matured. and hope that i am a better person now 🙂

on lighter notes, here’s an update on July movies. i’ve been looking forward to watch The Simpsons Movies (opens on 26 July). Not forgetting Harry Porter and the Order of the Phoenix (11 July) and Transformers (actually opened last week, but will only watch it this weekend). Bordertown, starring Jennifer Lopez  and Antonio Banderas, also opens this month. I’m curious to see Jennifer Lopez after her flops (and post-Ben Affleck) but maybe i’ll just wait for it to turn up on HBO/Cinemax/Star Movies.


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