Transformers the movie 2007


i went to watch the transformers movie with my other half. he was really excited about this movie, had been talking about it since we first time saw the trailer back in January (if i’m not mistaken). he had even downloaded every single trailer he could put his hands on.

as for me, i just expect a highly cgi-ed movie about some alien robot war. nothing more, nothing less. can safely say i went to the movies just to accompany him.

born in the early 80s, i had spent my childhood evening watching the cartoon series with my brothers. but that was it. just another cartoon to watch, like teenage mutant ninja turtles and inspector gadget. i don’t remember the plot, i don’t remember who’s who, who’s the bad guy (robot?) and so on. i do remember the nifty transformation from car (or jet or truck) to robot but that’s it. and the sound effect. so watching the movie version is kind of  a new revelation to me. it’s not like walking down the memory lane (which is true in my guy’s case), it’s more like watching for the first time.

and wow!

this transformers movie is cgi loaded. (how else would you make those robots? giant robot puppets?) all those robots are like they are really there, acting along shea lebouf and josh duhamel. the plot’s not bad either. there are a few comedy moments and i like the one in sam’s (shea lebouf) backyard, when he brings all those Autobots home and they are destroying sam’s mom’s garden. and those Autobots are sprawn all over the house, trying desperately to hide. oh, and there’s one time when sam ask them to hide, they just transform to trucks and cars. hihihi…

i understand that the movie gets a mixed review from critics but for me, it’s a good enough watch. check what the critics say of the movie at Rotten Tomatoes. One reviewer from New York Daily News sums it up nicely:

There is so much action packed into every second of Transformers that by the time it’s over, you may be tempted to go outside and give the box office another 10 bucks.


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