what will i do without you?

Hi All,We will have a meeting tomorrow at 10.00am to discuss some team issue.Best Regards,

it was like any meeting reminder email that we always get when our immediate superior, vyky wants to call for a meeting.  but little did we know that that meeting would not be like any meeting.

he started off with asking us for any updates. nope, the three of us said.

ok, he said. i’m going to update all of you with our current and future projects cos i’m resigning.

ha? i volunteered loudly.

i’m resigning, he said. and chuckled. surprised ha? then chuckled again.

i was shocked. i couldn’t believe what i had heard.

then he resumed with the updates, delegating tasks to his deputy. i looked at him, at the whiteboard, trying to follow the whole discussions but my mind kept thinking about him resigning. i couldn’t fathom it. i kept thinking that he’s leaving, now what? what will happen to all of us, the team?

all this time, these past 3 and a half years working here, i keep to my job just because of him. the environment here is not bad; i love the flexibility but the our welfare is not the priority of the management. but the one that keeps me working is him. since his promotion as our immediate superior, he takes care of all of us, backs us up, solves the team’s differences. i love mostly his patience and tolerance. he’s not very strict as long as you do your job right. i’ve never heard him angry, mixes very well with the team, cracks joke now and then. but all the while you respect him. he’s so nice that you don’t want to hurt him.

and now he’ll be gone. it’s agreed amongst the team that you can’t find another superior like him anywhere. 

we’ve seen people come and go here. but i’ve never feel this sad. like i told my other half, i feel lost like a child who loses his dad.

maybe we depend too much on him.

but still, it’s very sad.

i’ve always said to myself that if he resigns, i’ll follow suit. now’s the time to take action, start looking for a greener pasture. 


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