my home IS internet ready!!

yup, my home is actually internet ready. just a matter of plugging your cable to the ever existing LAN jacks (1 under the stairway, 2 in the master bedroom and another one in my sis’ room). and the setting up time? close to half an hour. and the set-up guy? my dear neighbour who happens to work at our home developer.

the search for broadband started when, after relying on only one laptop that connected to the net on EDGE (better than dial-up, but still can’t satisfy those who wants to watch korean dramas on youtube and at the same time downloading the manga version. plus we better use up all the electricity by switching on those laptops and desktop simultaneously to connect to the net and watch those korean dramas.)

three weeks back, i drove up to the nearest tmpoint to apply for a land line and streamyx connection. the guy at the counter said i should wait about one week to get tm to come up to my place to see if they can fix a phone because during the landline application, my home area is not found. the guy said this must be a new place and nobody has ever applied for a landline. if i want to speed up the application, i should go and ask my neighbours for their home phone numbers and give to tm. and then they will contact me if anything happens. oooh ok, i thought. i’ll wait for a week then as tmpoint and my home is only 2 kilometres away. how long could those guys take to come to my place, right? moreover, i had conducted a random survey with my colleague who had the same experience as mine and her response was satisfying. she’s implying that those landline installiation will be done in a jiff.

prior to the streamyx application, i had conducted a thorough web research (that brought me to a lot of complaints posted on the net about streamyx) on dependable broadband services (obviously streamyx was not the first choice) that covers my area that doesn’t require me to deal with tm. so wireless seems the best option. and of all those wireless broadband service that exists in KL, only Jaring Flyte covers my area. the downside is, setting up will set me back close to one thousand ringgit. i was thinking of pulling a bit of my money and get daddy to fund the rest. maybe at 40/60. then i conducted my streamyx random survey with my dear better half to get his feedback, as they are using streamyx back in his hometown and they have yet to encounter any problems. he clearly advocated on using streamyx; the staff is good, attentive etc. very pro-streamyx. hehe. the thing is, his hometown is in kuantan, the largest and most thriving cities in the east coast, dubbed the KL of east coast. the population is of course lesser than KL, and streamyx users are lesser still. i don’t have a statistical proof, but i believe this is a valid argument. so that must be why there isn’t any connection problems with their streamyx. then, the juiciest part is, the guy who did all the installation was an ex-student of my better half’s mom. plus they get discounted rates, half what the market’s paying. so i guess in my better half case, he is not the right person to ask in my streamyx random survey. i shouldn’t listen to him and drove to tmpoint in the first place.

two weeks had passed and still nothing from tm about my landline application. one evening as i was taking a walk around the neighbourhood, i saw my neighbour tending to her flowers and i worked up my courage to go and ask her her home phone number. one thing led to another and she introduced me to our neighbour next her door cause she said that guy had helped her ditched streamyx (a clear sign she has a landline that tm mysteriously can’t locate in their high-tech system) and use the ever ready internet access in out home. so i talked to him a bit, he went my place, plug a few things, ping yahoo and wallah! welcome to the high speed internet on multimedia supercorridor highway. it turns out, our developer had thoughtfully laid several internet points in every homes and we are connected with LAN. so all of us will get a dedicated 100Mbps connection.

so now, we are happily watching those korean dramas and downloading the manga version at the same time plus downloading the theme song and searching for more korean dramas to watch. maybe we shouldn’t limit our viewing to korean dramas and start youtubing on anne of green gables.

oh, as for the streamyx application, i think i should frame it on the wall.


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