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selamat hari merdeka malaysia

we are celebrating our 50th merdeka day today.  it’s a grand celebration, starting last night all over the country.

my sister also celebrates her birthday today.

selamat hari merdeka malaysia, and happy birthday sis.


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breaking news

i’d like to resign.

i’d like to quit my little cubicle.

i’d like to leave my messy desk, the flat screen monitor.

i’d like to be independent. financially, and career-wise.

i have dreaded going to work. i even skipped work today (and i deliberately blame the pms).

sometimes i feel like i don’t want to see any of my colleagues anymore. not that i hate them, it’s just i hate small talk, i hate having to explain myself. and i found that, as most are 2 to 3 years my juniors, we dont have any common interests. well, who doesnt?

i’ve been working with this company for almost 4 years. i started after graduating. i was 23 years then, eager to learn anything. the travel industry was new for me, and i found that i could travel to just anywhere at my desk. surfing the internet is part of the work. it was fun but just sitting and staring at the monitor for 9 hours is tiring enough. and i’m so tired now that i’m ready to give up the security of being employed, having a day job that helps pay the bills, and food, and the nice things. (and not having to ask daddy for money anymore is very independent of me!)

tendering the required one-month notice is no hard work. but breaking the news to daddy is. the opportunity is plenty though. i just passed one just now, as we sat quietly drinking our tea. i felt like the words got stuck in my mouth. i had the script in my mind, playing it several times but to spit it out is very difficult indeed. i suppose i could let my sister to break it to dad. she would be very glad to do it. but since this is about me, i have to do this myself.

i wonder how hard will it be to break the “i’m getting married news” to dad if this “i’m going to resign news” is already this hard.

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1st malaysian international fireworks competition – tips

the competition starts around 10 pm. so if you are from kl or live around 30 minutes from putrajaya, you should come early. to avoid heavy traffic, you should come by 7.30.

each competition lasts about 20 minutes.

shows by team global last about 10 minutes (or less).

the best place to see the fireworks is of course at the picc itself. there you can see the fireworks and listen to the symphony as well. ticket price for the event is RM 38.50 (entrance ticket) and RM 48.50, which includes fine dining. Tickets for the event are sold at the venue, counters in Alamanda at Presint 16, and online at Ticket Pro.

the next best place is maybe around putrajaya; along the seri wawasan bridge and seri gemilang bridge, and at the government offices area. but the best place (at least for me) is by the lake in cyberjaya, about 2 kilometers ahead of cyberview lodge. the best spot by the lake is along the stretch to cyber heights villa (opposite sekolah seri puteri). some even watch from along the road that heading to dengkil. it’s quite crowded and interferes with the traffic actually, so not a very good spot imho.

around 10.30 pm is when the traffic jam starts. though the traffic in front of our home eases after 15 to 20 minutes, but the jam along the road from cyberjaya heading to kl and puchong lasts for an hour. maybe a little longer. so should you wish to avoid the tense, you should head home after 11.45. it’s quite late especially for the little ones. one way to avoid the jam is probably to take the erl, either board from kl station or bandar tasik selatan and stop at putrajaya/cyberjaya station. then take the 429 bus to cyberjaya. you can take the taxi to either picc or cyberjaya but i’m not sure about the fare, maybe around 10 ringgit cause they use coupon system instead of meter.

click here to see the erl (klia transit)  schedule from kl sentral:

there is also a shuttle service from KL,which is i think operated by the tourism malaysia cos the pick up point is at the mtc, jalan ampang. pls see below for more details:
(copied from


In conjunction with the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition from 18 August to 2 September 2007, the KL Hop-On Hop-Off bus service will be providing transportation. Tourists in the Kuala Lumpur area can go to the venue of the event, Putrajaya International Convention Centre, and back via the special shuttle.



The bus schedule and fares are as follows:



Pick-up point

a. From Malaysia Tourism Centre, Jalan Ampang, to Putrajaya International Convention Centre – at 7 pm


Return journey

a. From Putrajaya International Convention Centre to hotels around Kuala Lumpur – at end of the show every night


Note: The bus service, however, will not be operating on Saturday, 1 September 2007.




a. Adults: RM25 per person (return)

b. Children (5 – 12 years): RM15 per person (return)



For more information, please contact:

KL Hop On Hop Off City Tour

Tel: +603 2691 1382

Fax: +603 2697 6488


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1st malaysian international fireworks competition – 5th night

i missed tonight’s competition. it was team italy’s turn tonight. but from what i gathered from my sisters and niece, it was quite a show tonight, complete with hearts and a dramatic ending. having missed two night’s in a row, i resolve not to miss this merdeka eve’s competition.

i went to my cousin’s house somewhere in pandan indah, paying his mother (that is my auntie) a visit after she had successfully undergone a medical procedure called angiogram after a heart attack last weekend. my sister told me that we should be able to return home before ten in order to not to miss the fireworks as we went at 8 pm. the incoming traffic from kl to putrajaya were a little heavy although it was only 8 pm and the fireworks would only start at 10 pm. i was really hoping that we would be able to catch the fireworks in time.

when we reached pandan indah, my sis told me that she didnt actually know where our cousin’s house was. oh my god! i was seeping inside because she looked so confident and she didnt even ask the directions before we started the journey! so we had to stop somewhere to call our brothers, than daddy, then our cousin’s brother, then our other cousins to ask for directions. it was a relief when we finally reached our cousin’s house (and it was 9.30!). when i met my aunt, seeing her in good health, listening to her telling how she got taken to hospital and all, i felt like, well, i could pass the fireworks another night. i had missed last night’s (4th night) show so i thought i could miss this one too. seeing these relatives of mine; my aunt, my cousin, his wife and his family were priceless. then my other cousin came and we had an engaging discussion about life, religion, literature and philosophy (as always with him).

when we finally excused ourselves at 11, i thought, well, i can always see fireworks. but i might not have the chance to see my families again should i die tonight. and i was glad that i had gone to visit my late uncle before he died 5 months ago, or i would have regretted it my whole life.

on our way back home, it was amazing to see heavy traffic heading to kl from putrajaya (the road is pretty much underused during weekends). we took the exit to our little cybertown and the road was packed with heavy traffic, moving so slowly towards kl and puchong. for the hundredth time we were grateful that we moved to this little sleepy town where the fireworks were shot just across the lake in front of our home.

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1st malaysian international fireworks competition – 3rd night

the mifc returned to our neighbouring town tonight and it was team australia’s turn this time.

we went to our spot by the lake, a little bit earlier than the first night, as around 9pm i realised there were a lot of cars parking outside. people came early to get the best spot i guess and to avoid the once-in-a-blue-moon traffic jam. by the time we reached the lake at 9.30pm, people had been waiting; families, couples, friends. lucky for us our spot hadnt been taken. we brought a small picnic mat to seat on more comfortably this time and some biscuits too, just to pass the time while waiting the show to start.

after a few booms, (i guess they were testing the fireworks) the show starts. tonight the crowd was a little bit expressive. there were a lot of oohs and aahs, especially with the little ones. i noticed the fireworks were a bit different from the malaysian team’s as these ones looked ‘shinier’. maybe they use better equipments, whatever it was. there were my favourites – the little shooting stars. a few magnificent ones were the falling stars, the fire showers and the ones that kept firing endlessly. and a few hidden mickeys if you are imaginative enough, heheh.

i found that, though the fireworks were spectacular, the show lacked rhythms as opposed to the first night’s show. but i guess as we couldnt hear the music from our side of town, maybe that was why the show seemed to lack rhythm. so i was a little less enthusiastic tonight. but a great show nevertheless.

and the traffic jam in front of our home lasted a little longer than the first night, an indication that more people came flocking in.

for those who live outside our little cybertown or the neighbouring putrajaya, do come a bit earlier next time. 9 o’clock is a bit late now that people are flocking in earlier. maybe 8.45, just to get the best spot by the lake and especially to decently park your car (read: not double park or parking on the right lane – downright stupid but i had seen it). and please do not litter.

see you again on the 24th (just a show, no teams competing) and on the 25th (the italy team).

the other kind of fireworks u won’t see at the mifc
you won’t find this kind of firework during the mifc

the once-in-blue-moon traffic jam in front of our home

the once-in-a-blue moon traffic jam in front of our home



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Oh woe is me!

romance barbie

tangguh lagi? (postpone, again?) i ask myself when my better half proposed for a new wedding date. this time he suggested his birthday on the 29th of march (*not actual month) in conjuction with his 29th birthday, which is in 2009. my heart sank the minute he suggested it.

he had, in the course of our 7-going on-8-years of courtship, asked twice, maybe three times for postponement. during our final semester in um, we had briefly discussed and agreed to get married in 2006 (if i remember correctly. or is it 2005?). nearing 2006, he told me maybe we should get married in 2008, which is fine by me as we are both just settling in our careers. and now, nearing 2008, he dropped the bomb, again. and now it’s in 2009 that we should get married.

the thing with me is, i will duly wait if he ask me another ten years. or until he’s ready, whenever it is. i dont want to just get married. i want to marry him. and if after waiting for my whole life he still is not ready, i should die an old maid. after all these years i’m still madly in love with him, and i find myself still falling in love, head over heels, every time i see him.

the only thing is, we are both of same age, though by default i’m two weeks older than him. that makes me worry. a lot. to the extent that i cried last night just thinking about it. i have been praying every night, asking God to nudge my guy in the direction of getting married in 2008. i tell God every night that i’d like to get married next year, the very least in the end of 2008. and when my guy ask for another year, i felt like God hasnt granted me my wish. i cant lose faith in Him. i know God knows what’s best for me so maybe this is a blessing in disguise. maybe this is a wake up call for me, to learn to stand up to my guy, demand a bit. i have been agreeing with him in this marriage matter so maybe it’s high time i told him what i want.

it’s probably my fear of getting old, as we are of the same age. men get this age thing easily. they can still father two children at the age of 56 (michael douglas, for example. or rupert murdoch, 70 when he had his first child with his third wife). we women cant get off easily like men. we have expiry date. we are not fit to give birth at the age of 60, unless it’s a miracle. and as we are of the same age, i fear that i would age quicker than him. i notice my dad is more handsome now in his early 60s than in his 20s. and i notice the same with my guy. he’s not the 19-year-old guy that i had a crush on anymore. he has a pair of small dimples that i didnt notice before every time he smiles. he’s much handsome now than 7 years ago. and as he age, he’ll look much better. that worries me. i cant imagine as we grow old, he’ll start looking around for younger girls. and that’s why when he asked for another year, i started to panic.

maybe, just maybe, i should address this to him. we havent really discuss this marriage thing seriously actually, never have a sit down, heart-to-heart discussion. maybe i should try it one of these days.

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1st malaysian international fireworks competition

last night, our sleepy cybertown was waken up by people flocking in to see a fireworks show at the neighbouring putrajaya. the 1st malaysian international fireworks competition, held in conjuction with our 50th merdeka celebration, opened last night at the prestigious putrajaya international convention centre (picc). the competition is held for two weeks, starting last night and will only end this 2nd september.

according to the malaysian international fireworks competition website at

The Malaysia International Fireworks Competition, or MIFC, will be a festival of light, music, colour and culture; providing magical experiences for all that attend in the lead-up to Malaysia’s Merdeka Day, Hari Merdeka.

the teams are competing for the Merdeka Trophy and they are from Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Italy and Canada. Every show will last about 20 minutes and are choreagraphed with music. The Malaysian team opened for last night. There will be one more show tonight, the last one for this weekend and the competition will resume on 22nd aug with team australia. click here for a detailed competition schedule.

watching last night’s show, i have to admit that that was the most spectacular fireworks display i have ever watched. the usual new year’s eve’s fireworks couldn’t compete with this one. it was a spectacular 20-minute show of lights (and music which we cant hear clearly, being separated by the putrajaya lake) nevertheless, it was a breathtaking show. the malaysian team had a few best ones, especially the small fireworks that looks like little stars and the fire showers.

my sister had told me about the competition early on and we had planned to go to the nearest bridge from our house (is it seri gemilang bridge? i have to check this later. [no it’s not. it’s seri saujana bridge actually. seri gemilang is the one near picc – edited 8.30 a.m]). but since the competition started at ten pm, we couldn’t get the permission from mom to go there (ten pm is late in my mom’s book). so we had to settle with watching from our home. the first ‘boom’ that we heard as we were starting dinner (dinner at 9.30 is a norm in our book. we even have dinner at 10 pm sometimes) got us really excited. peering at the sliding door showed nothing had really happened though. after a few more ‘booms’, the show finally begun and then we realised that people had flocked in our sleepy town to see the show (it costs 38 ringgit to see the fireworks at picc. watching at the lake near our home is free 😉 ) so i took the chance to join the crowd (which i suspect from the many precincts in putrajaya) and watched the most magnificent fireworks display in my whole life. i love the crowd there, we clapped when the show ended.

as people were getting home, i saw another magnificent show of my life: traffic jam in front of our home. the town is so sleepy at night you can lie down on the left lane safely for 30 minutes until some crazy drivers come speeding at 200kmph on a rainy day. the traffic never jammed in front of our home so we have to brace ourselves for two weeks as i’m sure the flock will come crowding in our sleepy town again for this 2 weeks. better save your place near the lake now.

oh, did i mention akon will come here tonight?

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