the end of an era

a typical malay wedding, but this is definitely not my friend’s wedding that i attended 3 days ago

i went back to my dear old hometown for 2 days. since working, i have the tendency of going back only for long holidays. and now that everyone’s has moved to the msc-status town, i found no reasons to go back, until three days ago.

my best friend, a childhood friend of mine, was getting married last friday. she had been inviting me for months, tactfully sending her invitations via sms on my birthday (5 months ago) and asked me to accompany her several times to shop for her wedding things. i had saved the sms, and had gladly accompanied her. we’ve been friends for 21 years, we lived just one house apart before i moved to another part of our small town, and were classmates in kindergarten. i wouldn’t miss her wedding for the world.

given the fact that my whole family has moved to the cyber town, i needed a place to sleep during my attending to my friend’s wedding. grandma’s house was out of question since i needed some sort of transportation to go to my friend’s house. my old home was a definite no-no, as i’m a penakut (easily gets frightened) and i’m not going to sleep in a big empty bungalow, alone. (well, daddy was at home for some business but he’s a night owl and i cant sleep with him now, can i?) another childhood friend had cordially offered her place, but since her husband was around, plus she’s pregnant, i felt that i shouldn’t trouble her. so i decided that the best place to crash in was the bride’s house. she had been inviting me to stay with her during her wedding days so that she had somebody to help her. i hesitated at first, as i was afraid i would trouble her and her family. the main reason was i’ve never crashed in a friend’s home my whole life and staying with other people’s family is a challenge as i’m not very excellent in my social skills. but i was desperate for a place to stay so i finally agreed. hearing her happy voice made my day, though. i thought, she’s getting married and this may be my last moments with her. next eidul fitri i might not have the pleasure of her company, of having her to make rounds of visits to our friends’ homes like we’ve done these past few years.

i must admit, i’m pretty proud of myself. looking back, i think my social skills is not that bad. i think i was a good guest; i helped with the wedding preparations and mingled with her family members. ten years ago i might not fit to crash in somebody’s home, i dare say.

i haven’t met my friend’s husband until her wedding day and i took a quick dislike of him. it was a case of pride and prejudice and he was lucky he improved on me gradually. i have a tendency of not liking some of my friends’ husbands, especially if those friends are the close ones. i thought hard about it, as i think it’s quite unhealthy not to like someone you only meet for one hour. i concluded that, since only a select few that i instantly dislike, it must be because of jealousy. those unfortunate husbands that i instantly dislike are now taking away my friends. i have only a few friends, and fewer close ones and now they got married and are gone. we can no longer spend hours chatting and giggling.

now everybody has a husband to go home to except me. *sigh*


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