the greatest view


on my way back to KL last night, i noticed, as the captain was informing that we would be landing shortly, that the air route taken from kuala terengganu to KL is different from the one from kota bharu to KL. i have taken numerous flights from both destinations before but it was only last night that i noticed something different.

i usually don’t take notice of the view outside a plane’s window, especially during night flights as it’s very dark outside. but last night, having the luxury of window seat, i noticed that halfway through the flight, i could clearly see the twin towers underneath. what a magnificent view! with neon lights everywhere, KL was bathing in lights. i was speechless. i could also see the rebung-like menara telekom and the apartment building where i used to live nearby and midvalley megamall. i dare say i saw the whole KL and as far as petaling jaya underneath me. and for 69 ringgit (malaysia airlines is having its merdeka sale. check out the promotions here) i say it’s worth it. this is better than viewing from KL tower. it was like looking at a miniature of KL.

i just regret that i had not the opportunity of capturing it on camera (i dont own one. the best thing i could muster is my mobile phone’s camera which unfortunately had to be switched off during the whole flight.) i searched on the web if someone had the opportunity to snap the picture, and there’s one in flickr. click here to see the photo. but the photo is dark and is not anything like the one i saw “live” on the plane.


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