1st malaysian international fireworks competition

last night, our sleepy cybertown was waken up by people flocking in to see a fireworks show at the neighbouring putrajaya. the 1st malaysian international fireworks competition, held in conjuction with our 50th merdeka celebration, opened last night at the prestigious putrajaya international convention centre (picc). the competition is held for two weeks, starting last night and will only end this 2nd september.

according to the malaysian international fireworks competition website at http://www.mifc.com.my/test/mc/index.html:

The Malaysia International Fireworks Competition, or MIFC, will be a festival of light, music, colour and culture; providing magical experiences for all that attend in the lead-up to Malaysia’s Merdeka Day, Hari Merdeka.

the teams are competing for the Merdeka Trophy and they are from Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Italy and Canada. Every show will last about 20 minutes and are choreagraphed with music. The Malaysian team opened for last night. There will be one more show tonight, the last one for this weekend and the competition will resume on 22nd aug with team australia. click here for a detailed competition schedule.

watching last night’s show, i have to admit that that was the most spectacular fireworks display i have ever watched. the usual new year’s eve’s fireworks couldn’t compete with this one. it was a spectacular 20-minute show of lights (and music which we cant hear clearly, being separated by the putrajaya lake) nevertheless, it was a breathtaking show. the malaysian team had a few best ones, especially the small fireworks that looks like little stars and the fire showers.

my sister had told me about the competition early on and we had planned to go to the nearest bridge from our house (is it seri gemilang bridge? i have to check this later. [no it’s not. it’s seri saujana bridge actually. seri gemilang is the one near picc – edited 8.30 a.m]). but since the competition started at ten pm, we couldn’t get the permission from mom to go there (ten pm is late in my mom’s book). so we had to settle with watching from our home. the first ‘boom’ that we heard as we were starting dinner (dinner at 9.30 is a norm in our book. we even have dinner at 10 pm sometimes) got us really excited. peering at the sliding door showed nothing had really happened though. after a few more ‘booms’, the show finally begun and then we realised that people had flocked in our sleepy town to see the show (it costs 38 ringgit to see the fireworks at picc. watching at the lake near our home is free 😉 ) so i took the chance to join the crowd (which i suspect from the many precincts in putrajaya) and watched the most magnificent fireworks display in my whole life. i love the crowd there, we clapped when the show ended.

as people were getting home, i saw another magnificent show of my life: traffic jam in front of our home. the town is so sleepy at night you can lie down on the left lane safely for 30 minutes until some crazy drivers come speeding at 200kmph on a rainy day. the traffic never jammed in front of our home so we have to brace ourselves for two weeks as i’m sure the flock will come crowding in our sleepy town again for this 2 weeks. better save your place near the lake now.

oh, did i mention akon will come here tonight?


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