1st malaysian international fireworks competition – 3rd night

the mifc returned to our neighbouring town tonight and it was team australia’s turn this time.

we went to our spot by the lake, a little bit earlier than the first night, as around 9pm i realised there were a lot of cars parking outside. people came early to get the best spot i guess and to avoid the once-in-a-blue-moon traffic jam. by the time we reached the lake at 9.30pm, people had been waiting; families, couples, friends. lucky for us our spot hadnt been taken. we brought a small picnic mat to seat on more comfortably this time and some biscuits too, just to pass the time while waiting the show to start.

after a few booms, (i guess they were testing the fireworks) the show starts. tonight the crowd was a little bit expressive. there were a lot of oohs and aahs, especially with the little ones. i noticed the fireworks were a bit different from the malaysian team’s as these ones looked ‘shinier’. maybe they use better equipments, whatever it was. there were my favourites – the little shooting stars. a few magnificent ones were the falling stars, the fire showers and the ones that kept firing endlessly. and a few hidden mickeys if you are imaginative enough, heheh.

i found that, though the fireworks were spectacular, the show lacked rhythms as opposed to the first night’s show. but i guess as we couldnt hear the music from our side of town, maybe that was why the show seemed to lack rhythm. so i was a little less enthusiastic tonight. but a great show nevertheless.

and the traffic jam in front of our home lasted a little longer than the first night, an indication that more people came flocking in.

for those who live outside our little cybertown or the neighbouring putrajaya, do come a bit earlier next time. 9 o’clock is a bit late now that people are flocking in earlier. maybe 8.45, just to get the best spot by the lake and especially to decently park your car (read: not double park or parking on the right lane – downright stupid but i had seen it). and please do not litter.

see you again on the 24th (just a show, no teams competing) and on the 25th (the italy team).

the other kind of fireworks u won’t see at the mifc
you won’t find this kind of firework during the mifc

the once-in-blue-moon traffic jam in front of our home

the once-in-a-blue moon traffic jam in front of our home




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