1st malaysian international fireworks competition – 5th night

i missed tonight’s competition. it was team italy’s turn tonight. but from what i gathered from my sisters and niece, it was quite a show tonight, complete with hearts and a dramatic ending. having missed two night’s in a row, i resolve not to miss this merdeka eve’s competition.

i went to my cousin’s house somewhere in pandan indah, paying his mother (that is my auntie) a visit after she had successfully undergone a medical procedure called angiogram after a heart attack last weekend. my sister told me that we should be able to return home before ten in order to not to miss the fireworks as we went at 8 pm. the incoming traffic from kl to putrajaya were a little heavy although it was only 8 pm and the fireworks would only start at 10 pm. i was really hoping that we would be able to catch the fireworks in time.

when we reached pandan indah, my sis told me that she didnt actually know where our cousin’s house was. oh my god! i was seeping inside because she looked so confident and she didnt even ask the directions before we started the journey! so we had to stop somewhere to call our brothers, than daddy, then our cousin’s brother, then our other cousins to ask for directions. it was a relief when we finally reached our cousin’s house (and it was 9.30!). when i met my aunt, seeing her in good health, listening to her telling how she got taken to hospital and all, i felt like, well, i could pass the fireworks another night. i had missed last night’s (4th night) show so i thought i could miss this one too. seeing these relatives of mine; my aunt, my cousin, his wife and his family were priceless. then my other cousin came and we had an engaging discussion about life, religion, literature and philosophy (as always with him).

when we finally excused ourselves at 11, i thought, well, i can always see fireworks. but i might not have the chance to see my families again should i die tonight. and i was glad that i had gone to visit my late uncle before he died 5 months ago, or i would have regretted it my whole life.

on our way back home, it was amazing to see heavy traffic heading to kl from putrajaya (the road is pretty much underused during weekends). we took the exit to our little cybertown and the road was packed with heavy traffic, moving so slowly towards kl and puchong. for the hundredth time we were grateful that we moved to this little sleepy town where the fireworks were shot just across the lake in front of our home.


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