breaking news

i’d like to resign.

i’d like to quit my little cubicle.

i’d like to leave my messy desk, the flat screen monitor.

i’d like to be independent. financially, and career-wise.

i have dreaded going to work. i even skipped work today (and i deliberately blame the pms).

sometimes i feel like i don’t want to see any of my colleagues anymore. not that i hate them, it’s just i hate small talk, i hate having to explain myself. and i found that, as most are 2 to 3 years my juniors, we dont have any common interests. well, who doesnt?

i’ve been working with this company for almost 4 years. i started after graduating. i was 23 years then, eager to learn anything. the travel industry was new for me, and i found that i could travel to just anywhere at my desk. surfing the internet is part of the work. it was fun but just sitting and staring at the monitor for 9 hours is tiring enough. and i’m so tired now that i’m ready to give up the security of being employed, having a day job that helps pay the bills, and food, and the nice things. (and not having to ask daddy for money anymore is very independent of me!)

tendering the required one-month notice is no hard work. but breaking the news to daddy is. the opportunity is plenty though. i just passed one just now, as we sat quietly drinking our tea. i felt like the words got stuck in my mouth. i had the script in my mind, playing it several times but to spit it out is very difficult indeed. i suppose i could let my sister to break it to dad. she would be very glad to do it. but since this is about me, i have to do this myself.

i wonder how hard will it be to break the “i’m getting married news” to dad if this “i’m going to resign news” is already this hard.


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