1st malaysian international fireworks competition – team japan

team japan’s turn was on our merdeka eve. the show started a couple of hours later than usual. i didnt know that until my brother came home from work, commenting about the many of cars that was parked alongside the road in front of our home despite the show would only started at 12 midnight. by ten, the road was almost full with cars triple parked.

our usual spot in front of the lake was of course taken by early comers. well, there were too many people and i decided that we should just watch the fireworks at the veranda. with our nieces i didnt want to risk anything.

the fireworks was a bit boring at first. you know, stuff you’ve already seen before. but then, the japan team got creative and it was the most magnificent fireworks i had ever seen. there were red and green stars shot very low while it showered high up. and it was like once they started shooting, they seemed like they cant stop. there were smileys and hearts and a lot more hearts.

i was like whoaaa. the crowd was also impressed with several oohs and aahs.

when the show ended, i think everyone went home satisfied although they had to face the jam afterwards (i dont know long it lasted. there were still many cars at 1.30am) .


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