mifc finale

the 1st malaysian international fireworks competition or mifc ended on 2nd september. the winner was team australia. i thought team japan would win, because, imho, their fireworks display was breathtaking enough campared to team australia’s. but well, i’m not the judge here. hehe..

as predicted, a lot of people turned up by the lake to see the fireworks. and when there were a lot of people, i retreated to my bedroom, watching the fireworks by the window. it was 10 0’clock and the fireworks started. 10.10 and there were still people coming, running not to miss the show. 10.20 and people were still running.

the fireworks lasted a little bit longer than usual. it went for almost half an hour.

all in all, it was a great show. congrats to team australia. and i hope we’ll get to see the 2nd mifc next year.


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