love is a hard thing

we fought. about getting married.

i was the one who started it (as always). i finally told him, about this. i know deep down, it was a mistake, telling him, asking him to discuss about it. but i thought, we would never settle the thing if we never get around to discuss about it.

but instead, we fought.

maybe i wasnt patient enough. he told me that i could end our relationship if i want to. maybe he was fed up with me.

but maybe it was really my fault.

i thought, God, marrying is a good thing. but why it’s so hard for us?

i dont know.

i dont know how we would handle this tomorrow. would we kiss and make up?

or…would it be the end?

i dont know if we are going to save our relationship. i want to. i really love him.
but i dont know about him.


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