kiss and make up

so we finally made up. (no kissing, mind you ;p )

he text me this morning, “would you still want to marry me?”
so i text back, “would you?”
“of course,” he replied. “but you have to be patient.”
“are you sure you are willing to put up with me?”i asked, just to make sure that he has thoroughly thought about this.
“i’ve been putting up with you for 8 years. doesnt it count for something?”
i sensed a bit irritation so i cut it off.

then i told him about yesterday, in case he forgot. i told him that if i wouldn’t still want to marry him, i wouldn’t take the long journey to kl yesterday, to apologise personally, only to be told to go home. I reached his home at 4, and I was home at cybertown at 5. just imagine being rejected flatly. but i took it. because i knew i deserved it. he deserved to get angry with me. so if it didnt count for something, then it was nothing.

imagine, being turned down by your guy flatly. love is really is hard. 

“so are we good?”

“yeah, we are good.”


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