fasting month schedule 2007/1428 (waktu berbuka puasa & imsak)

i have found a comprehensive schedule for buka puasa (break fast/iftar) and imsak times at the ever reliable JAKIM website. Click here to see the schedule. It’s a detailed schedule for all the states in Malaysia. just click on the link (for eg, if you live in Melaka then click the Melaka link) and the link will open a timetable of buka puasa and imsak time in a pdf file. if you are looking for kuala lumpur, just scroll down to number 10 under Wilayah Persekutuan and click the Putrajaya link (JAKIM should put a separate link for Kuala Lumpur, for easier search). The buka puasa and imsak times for kl is here:

i have also found the timetable for London and Orange & Los Angeles Counties. 😀 

*added 13 Sep: for those who lives in cybertown cyberjaya, you can follow the putrajaya/kuala lumpur schedule.


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