get well soon DR. M

lately, there’s one important news i need to read first thing in the morning. and one blog that i need to check daily.

when tun dr. mahathir was hospitalised for his scheduled second bypass surgery (the first one was in 1989), i started keeping abreast of his latest condition. one place to get the updated news is the yahoo mail beta. there’s a local news section in the email homepage and you could always find updated news about tun’s conditions.

another place to get the most updated, first-hand news is of course marina mahathir’s blog, rantingsbymm. i found her blog by accident, through another blog and i have been reading her blog since, to the extent of bookmarking it. i’d check the yahoo news first and then i’d read her blog. even the newspapers quoted her blog entries. 

i respect tun and i guess, growing up during his leadership, i cant help but look up to him as a father figure (well, maybe a grandpa figure is more appropriate as he’s the same age as both my grandmas 😉 ).

i cant forget one evening my sis and i met him at the lake nearby our house (he has a bungalow here in cybertown. yes, the biggest one in the area. yes, the one that u can see on the way here from putrajaya. yes, yes, the one besides the school). we were taking a walk when  3 people riding bikes very leisurely passed us. it was tun and his bodyguards (it’s a wild guess but i think they were his bodyguards). and he smiled at us! tun. smiled. at. us!. i was shocked. i couldnt speak at all but i smiled my prettiest smile back.  (i’ve passed by many celebrities before but the feeling was different. i didnt feel anything at all. well maybe because they didnt care enough for a smile.) i guess that’s why he’s a great leader. he warms up to anybody. oh, and he wore a red polo shirt.

it was the sweetest moment in my life. (beats my first date with my guy, but dont tell him that ;)).

get well soon tun.


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