late again.

i got an email from my HOD, regarding my attendance:

I would like to remind you that the latest you can come to office is 9.30am. Any later than that is consider late unless you have a good reason or inform earlier if you have any problem.
This is company policy. The top management is tightly monitor this policy.
If you have any problem and need to discuss with me or HR please inform us.
The following is your late record for this month.
2007/12/18 I T – WD Tuesday 09:32:41 19:20:34 9.80 588 17/12 – on Al
2007/12/19 I T – WD Wednesday 09:34:07 19:03:42 9.48 569 Insufficient work hrs
2007/12/21 I T – WD Friday 09:35:42 19:20:45 9.75 585 20/12 – Haji
2007/12/12 I T – WD Wednesday 09:36:27 19:20:05 9.73 584
2007/12/05 I T – WD Wednesday 09:37:08 19:17:08 9.67 580
2007/12/06 I T – WD Thursday 09:38:12 19:12:29 9.57 574
2007/12/07 I T – WD Friday 09:31:31 19:05:00 9.57 574

I hope you aware of this situation and take necessary action.

Thank you.

i have to admit that i have a discipline problem.

and since i live just nearby the office, i find that i’m always late to work.

but i make it up by going back late, usually 10 minutes late.

so maybe my next year’s resolution should be this: to come early to work 😉


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