Growing Up in Trengganu

front_0586928.jpg I happened to know about this book while getting lost in the world wide web. I was looking for chocolate muffin recipes and it brought me to a myriad of food blogs. Countless muffin recipes later, I was reading Kak Teh’s Choc-a-Blog Blog. Somewhere in her post I read about Awang Goneng and his new book, Growing Up in Trengganu. Deeper in her post was where I found out that Kak Teh is Awang Goneng’s wife. Then somewhere in Google I later learned that Awang Goneng is Wan Hulaimi, former London-based Bernama freelance journalist.

I saw that they stocked up the book at MPH at The Curve and at the newly opened Borders at The Gardens so one of these days i’ll get my hands on the book, growing up in terengganu myself. 🙂

Take a peek at the earliest posts that later grows into a book

Read Awang Goneng blog

Kak Teh’s Choc-a-Blog Blog entry about Growing Up in Trengganu or GUiT as she calls it

The Star carries the story of the book launch

NST also carries the story of the book launch in Kuala Terengganu


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