Eat at Marche

I had intended to write about my first visit to Marche at The Curve on 1st September 2007 the minute I reached home from there. But I don’t know what’s stopping me and I have no excuse to give. So here goes.

My other half had been raving about the food at Marche many times that I was tempted to try it for myself. So when the long-awaited bonus came, I dragged him to have lunch there.

The thing about Marche is, it is a buffet heaven. You have a wide selection of food to choose from. Steak, pizza, spagetti, desserts just to name a few. You name it. I really love their cream caramel. Yum yum!

Ok, one thing unique about Marche is first the maitre d’ will give you a card and you need to hand the card to the person manning the buffet station so that he can stamp it. At the end of the meal, you show the card to the cashier and wallah! Your bill could end up as some thing like below:



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