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Hooked on peterpan

Not the boy that never grew up but rather, a band from Bandung, Indonesia that has steadily gained fans here in Malaysia since the release of their debut album, Taman Langit.

I was introduced to peterpan by a couple of colleagues back in 2004. It was their second album Bintang di Surga that had me fell head over heals. Mungkin Nanti was the first song that I heard and instantly I fall in love with peterpan (and not to mention Ariel, the lead vocalist who is blessed with manly emotional voice and a handsome face).

Listening to their song, you will first love the catchy melody. Then if you venture on a second listening, you will notice that the lyrics are simple but poetic. Combine that with Ariel’s moody expression and you have a winning album. Their a bit Brit-pop, in my opinin, and that’s why I love them.

Their latest album, Hari Yang Cerah, was released in the middle of 2007 but I only got the chance to hear the whole album until recently. My guy, who was not into Indonesian band once upon a time, had bought the album. I did promise him to buy the album when I went to a family trip in Bandung three weeks ago, but I didn’t keep my words, due to a certain reason and it’s another story for another time. My guy said he really likes this one. I was a bit surprised actually. He did sneer at me when I first mentioned peterpan a few years ago to him. And now, look who’s buying their latest album. Haha.. Anyway, maybe it’s because of the bintang di surga that helped peterpan gain a fan in my guy.

Among the 10 songs featured in their latest album, I really like songs number 1, 2 and 3 (Menghapus Jejak, Hari Yang Cerah and Di Balik Awan respectively). I have been listening to these three songs back to back today. 😉 Menghapus Jejak has a very cheerful opening, though the song is about a broken relationship. Hari Yang Cerah reminds me of a Coldplay song. And Di Balik Awan, I enjoy it simply because it reminds me of my guy who sang this song to me on our way to The Curve. 😉 But really, I like the song mainly because of how Ariel convey the message of the lyrics with his voice. There’s something about Ariel voice that I can’t quite put it in words.



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